Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Resolve Slow Wi-Fi Speed On Mac

Have your videos takes forever to buffer? The downloads take a lot of time to complete? Many people face issues as the web page loads really slowly on your computer. There can be many issues related to this problem. One of the issues is that the wireless network is responding really slowly. One of the reasons that can be the slow internet speed from the ISP. But, if you are getting high-speed internet from the ISP, then there might be a problem with your wireless router.

There are various troubleshooting steps recommended by the experts at the Wi-Fi support that can be carried out by the users themselves. Some of the most effective steps are:

Make sure that your internet is working on the fastest Wi-Fi standards. 802.11n is the faster Wi-Fi standards that render high-speed wireless network. To check this, click on the Wi-Fi menu to go to the PHY menu. If it shows the 802.11n protocol then well enough, otherwise check the settings of your Wi-Fi router.

Deactivate other network services like files server, video streaming, online games etc. as they take up a huge bandwidth which lowers down the speed of your wireless network.

Turn off any unused network application or pages to enhance the wireless speed.

Always use WPA 2 authentication, so that no unauthorized person can access your network and slows down its speed. If you need help to change the authentication, contact the Wi-Fi Support.

Try to work with your network with other wireless devices. If the internet is working fine in that then the problem is with your computer. Your Wi-Fi network and router is fine.

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