Monday, March 24, 2014

Cure Poor Speed Of Acer Laptops

Acer laptops slow speed can be healed in many ways. Look into the below solutions and optimize your laptop’s speed in a short span of time.

Reducing the number of programs running at the startup
Software manufacturers design their programs in such a way that start running even with a small click. So, a lot of programs start themselves automatically as and when the Windows start.

Now, to check how many programs are running in the background, you can do any of the below:

  • You can download AutoRuns program from the website of Microsoft. This program is designed in a way which shows all the programs running in the background and you can stop them by checking all the boxes next to the name of the program you wish to stop.
  • Use Start System Configuration tool to make the Windows run correctly.
  • You can also see the programs running on the notification bar on the task bar. Make sure you click on show hidden icons so that you are able to see all the programs that are running.

Regular Restarts
In case, you use your Acer Laptops too often, and you don’t go for restart there are very high chances your system will run low on memory. It ensures that all the wrong processes get shut down at the right time. Restart ceases all the services that might be running for a long time and puts your system to relax.  It is advised by the Acer Tech Support to do the regular restarts in case you use a lot of programs simultaneously.

Add more RAM
No solution is perfect until it is suggested to add some more Random Access Memory (RAM) to your laptop.  Being low on memory is one of the biggest causes for your Acer laptop to get slow. If you don’t want to add RAM, you can also go for Windows Readyboost which is a tool to use the memory space of media devices which are removable.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Decoding Windows Run Time Errors

Has that ever happened to you that you tried to run an application and it failed due to some error? Most of such errors are the run time errors, which are caused due to corrupted files of hardware issues related to that particular software. There are various run time errors, which can occur depicting different problems.
Here are the list of common run time errors and the reason for its occurrence.

Illegal Function Call
This error is caused due to outdated drivers. Make sure that you have the updated drivers related to the software. Also, your system should have the latest windows updates to rectify this problem.

Out Of Memory
This error depicts the memory issues. Make sure that your system has the minimum memory needed for running the software without any problems. If the requirements are fulfilled, then try to reinstall the program and run it once again.

Type Mismatch         
This error is shown due to irregular setup process. Uninstall the program and install it again. Make sure that it is compatible with your Windows operating system.

File not found           
This problem is caused, when your system is unable to locate the installed program. If you are running a program with the shortcut icon, then check if you have that program. If not, then you cannot run the program and you need to install it again.

File already open
Make sure that the program or any associated file is not opened or in use. Close any background programs and try to run the program once again.

A file is missing or invalid
This error is caused due to corrupted files. To rectify this problem, reinstall the program.

If you are facing any of the above or more run time error, then get in touch with online PC Support for better help.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Resolve Slow Wi-Fi Speed On Mac

Have your videos takes forever to buffer? The downloads take a lot of time to complete? Many people face issues as the web page loads really slowly on your computer. There can be many issues related to this problem. One of the issues is that the wireless network is responding really slowly. One of the reasons that can be the slow internet speed from the ISP. But, if you are getting high-speed internet from the ISP, then there might be a problem with your wireless router.

There are various troubleshooting steps recommended by the experts at the Wi-Fi support that can be carried out by the users themselves. Some of the most effective steps are:

Make sure that your internet is working on the fastest Wi-Fi standards. 802.11n is the faster Wi-Fi standards that render high-speed wireless network. To check this, click on the Wi-Fi menu to go to the PHY menu. If it shows the 802.11n protocol then well enough, otherwise check the settings of your Wi-Fi router.

Deactivate other network services like files server, video streaming, online games etc. as they take up a huge bandwidth which lowers down the speed of your wireless network.

Turn off any unused network application or pages to enhance the wireless speed.

Always use WPA 2 authentication, so that no unauthorized person can access your network and slows down its speed. If you need help to change the authentication, contact the Wi-Fi Support.

Try to work with your network with other wireless devices. If the internet is working fine in that then the problem is with your computer. Your Wi-Fi network and router is fine.