Friday, June 6, 2014

Fear Of Virus Attack? Let Tech Support Services Take Care Of It

Computer viruses are one such disease that nobody wants to get attacked to their system. A user does everything to keep the viruses away from their system. But, unintentionally, their system is attacked by this deadly monster and starts to damage it. The worst problem about these viruses is that most of the time, users are not aware of the fact that their system has become a victim of a virus attack. However, a user can get rid of these viruses with the tips and tricks provided by technicalsupport services.

  • Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
The majority of users got no idea of what is this. This is a tool, released by Microsoft for Windows Vista and above, to check your computer or laptop for any malicious software. Also, once detected, it can remove such malicious codes like Blaster, Mydoom and Sasser. It has two versions for 64 bit Windows and 32 bit Windows as well.

  • Get A Well-Rated Antivirus Or Anti-Malware Software

The above Microsoft tool does not act as an antivirus. Therefore, you need a reliable antivirus program that not only protects your computer, but also removes any malicious codes out of your system. There are plenty of antivirus programs available online, but choose the one that is compatible with your system.

  • Update The Antivirus Regularly
Once you install an antivirus program, make sure that you update it regularly. In case, you don’t do it, your computer won’t be able to protect your system completely from the newly added malicious codes. In case of any problem, contact tech support services for assistance.
  • Run A Virus Scan Regularly
If you go online regularly or are quite used to transfer files from external storages, then you need to run a regular scan of your antivirus. Do this even if you don’t find anything suspicious. Doing this will keep your system at an alarming position. You can also set schedule for automatic virus scan of your computer.