Saturday, September 21, 2013

Install Your Printer in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft. With unique and advanced features, installing any new printer in your system is really easy. But many users find it difficult to install printer due to slightly difficult user interface. In such situations, you can contact Windows 8 Support Company for expert assistance

As per the support page of Window 8, it is intelligent enough to find your printer and install it automatically. But there are times when your computer is not able to find the printer connected. In such cases, you need to install them manually. Here are the steps to install your printer on a Windows 8.

Steps to install your printer: 

It is said that a new printer gets recognized easily in your Windows 8 and automatically. But this does not happen every time. If you have the printer installation disc with you. The installing process becomes easy. Once the CD is loaded, it will guide you through the steps to install your printer.

In case the CD is not available or your new printer does not come with a software disc, then you need to set it up manually.
  • To start the installation process, first you need to connect your printer to your system or to your router, in case of a network printer.
  • On your Windows 8 desktop, open Control Panel. If you are using a mouse, you can right click on the bottom left corner and select Control Panel on the pop-up menu. In case of a keyboard, press Windows+I, scroll to Control Panel and Enter. If you are using touch screen pad, you need to slide your finger from the desktop’s right edge and tap into Settings where you will find ‘Control Panel’ option.
  • There you will find ‘Devices and Printers’ option. This option will showcase the status of your printer. In case your printer is already plugged in, it will be shown in this Windows.
  • If your printer is not shown in the list, then you need to click on ‘Add Printer’ option. The Window will start scanning for any installed printer. Again check that your printer is properly attached to your computer. If your printer gets recognized, then it will be followed by installation steps that you have to follow.
  • Even after the Windows scan does not show your printer, you will see an option “The printer I want isn’t listed” on the bottom of that window. Click on that. You will be directed to “Find a Printer.” Now you can search your printer by name, IP address, Bluetooth or through network. If after this the printer is not listed, then you need to contact a printer support company.

 Installing Printer Drivers: 
Whenever a printer is installed in the Windows 8, its drivers also get installed automatically with it. In rare cases, the user is required to install the printer drivers via software disc or manually. Since, “Add Hardware” option is not available in Windows 8; you need to follow these steps for proper installation of drivers. 

Log on to your Windows from administrator account. Right click on Computer icon and click on Manage option.

You can also press Windows+R to start the Run command. Type COMPMGMT.MSC and press Enter.

On the left pane, click on Device Manager and on the right pane; right click on the name of your computer.  Click on “Add Legacy Hardware” option from the given menu. Click Next.

Select “Install the Hardware” from the list. Click on next to continue. From the list, click on Printer and select next.

Choose the printer port and check on default and click on Next button. Choose the appropriate model name and number of your printer in the right pane and click on Next to continue.

On “Print Sharing” Window, select whether you want to share this printer or not. Click on Next; Finish to complete the installation of drivers.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Efficiently Remove Win32 Virus Program From Your PC

Win32 virus removal has always been an uphill task for potential users. It is basically a worm which affects overall functioning of your beloved machine. Spammers attack any victim machine generally for mass mailing purpose. This enables them to send advertising emails to users across the globe. An unauthorized access to your machine crosses barriers of firewall easily.

Over thousands of computers get affected every day, a visit to specified malicious websites is enough to cause such problems. However some extremely beneficial virus removals programs have the potential to completely remove such threats from your computer. Breaching your machines security is an alarming situation which can produce some serious damage to your machine and data residing in it.

A Trojan program enables user from a remote location to use your system as a proxy server, a proxy server later can be used to process clients request from other servers. Your system performance is reduced due to queries from other locations.

For example you download a simple screen saver program by the name, “landscape.scr”, when you install it on your computer some hidden scripts also run with it causing this malicious program to harm your system. Such activity easily breach firewall security and lets hacker to get full access to your machine.

Some result oriented optimizers are available in market which not only boost your PC performance but also delete such programs from your PC as soon as they enter. I have browsed several virus removal software on net, found PC smart Cleaner the best among them. Installed in seconds this software maintains your PC performance and also increases its life.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Easy Ways to Setup Your Linksys Router

Router is primarily an electronic device which is used to connect two or more networks and later to achieve effective communication between them. The role of such devices cannot be neglected. Apart from providing appropriate connectivity between two networks, it also ensures proper delivery of packets from source to destination via the shortest path.  Such devices are also used to enhance network capabilities like:

  •  Performance improvement
  •   Ease of connecting more devices
  •   Expand the current network boundaries
  • Make the network isolated

Being a popular brand Linksys router has gained tremendous attention. Although it comes with a disc which contains the necessary drivers to configure it with your machine, some machines lack availability of CD drive. Therefore, a web interface is provided for the configuration process. You can follow the below mentioned procedure step wise.

  • Power on your Linksys Router
  • Connect your router with modem with Ethernet cable.
  • Plug your Ethernet cable into “Internet” or “WAN” port of the router.
  • Connect another Ethernet cable to Ethernet port of your laptop and router.
  • Type “” on your internet explorer browser and press enter
  • The page will ask for your username and password. The default username and password is “admin” and “admin” respectively.
  • If the above password doesn’t work, try leaving username box blank and type “admin” into password or type “admin” in username and leave password box blank. This works for older Linksys router. 
  • The Basic Setup page will appear to set up your internet connection. Follow the options in the Internet Setup section.
  • Click on “Wireless” tab on the top of the page. Type a desired name for your wireless network in to the Network Name (SSID) box. Click “Save Settings”
  • Select “WPA2” from the “Security Mode” on the “Wireless Security” link at the top of page.
  • Set a passphrase into Passphrase box and Save Settings.

However, the process to set up Linksys router is tedious and complex. If you face any problem with the set up or any other problem related to your Linksys Router, you can contact Linksys router support provider for better assistance from expert professionals.